Artist Statement



My work is about color and light and imagination. My inspiration comes from nature and the magic of the ever-changing landscape. 

In my painting I've sought to suggest, in addition to the beauty, feelings of hope and peace. I am not interested in reminding the viewer of the hardships of life but rather, to draw their attention to the beauty of color and light and whatever it is that they may see in my paintings. The work is intuitive and I am never really sure of the outcome until the painting is completed.


I primarily work with watercolor on canvas but my intension is never to follow the traditional path of watercolor. I am always experimenting, using the fluidity of my medium to my advantage. Sometimes I will use printing techniques to achieve patterns, sometimes spraying and rubbing and creating shadows by taking the paint off as quickly as I have applied it. It’s an exciting process because the outcome is always a total surprise and that is what I look for, the happy accident, when the very wet paint has a mind of its own and directs my next step.  

No matter what my medium my theme is always consistent. I want to create a different world, a place of imagination and magic. 




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