This series is all about story telling; fantastical tales where the beloved dog is the main character. Reaching out to my most childlike inspiration (that of the fairy tale) and my love for dogs has inspired me to create these small gem like tableaus.

Each piece is framed in a floater frame and ready to hang and enjoy.

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Dog Tales 1.jpg

Dog Tale #1
" ...and suddenly, Rickman knew his way home".

mixed media: acrylic, collage, gold leaf on wood panel and 11 x 14 in. framed. $300.00


Dog Tale #3.jpg

Dog Tale #3:
"Ebbie knew to send the butterflies home".

Mixed media (copper leaf, newspaper, paint, collage elements) on wood board, 11 x 14 in.  $300.00

Heading 1

Dog Tale 2.jpg

Dog Tale #2 : "... and when Theo heard the birdsong, he knew he was home".

10 x 10 in., Copper leaf, paint and collage on wood board, framed. $270.00

Atka dog tales #4.jpg

Dog Tales #4
: "Under the silver moon, Atka called the flowers to dance".

Atka is an Alaskan dog name for "Guardian Spirit".

11.5 x 11.5 in., silver leaf, acrylic, collage on wood board, framed. . $270.00





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