Happy Holidays Studio Art Sale!

It's that wonderful time of year again and I am inspired to hold a Happy Holidays Art Sale for my patrons and art friends.

Come by and visit my Cary studio from November 25th through all of December 2015 and bring home an original Pappalardo painting at a discount of 20% off !

I will have my color work as well as my black and white series on hand so there will be a lot of variety. This sale is just for what I have here at the home studio (which is plenty) and does not include any work that is hanging in art galleries.

So, if you have always wanted one of my paintings and needed just that little push, here is your chance!

You can email me at conpappa@gmail.com or message me through the website to set up an appointement.

As always, all major credit cards are welcome and for larger pieces, we can work out a payment plan that will be easy on your budget.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Artfuly Yours,

Constance Pappalardo

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