New work-New venue

The sad events in Orlando prompted me back to the studio. It took me a while but I finally finished this piece, Orlando rain.

I lived in Orlando for a short time in the 80's and what I remember most were the people; friendly, kind and optimistic. I wanted to paint something that addressed my sadness about the recent events and yet expressed my hope, Orlando's optimism that brighter days are ahead.

Some are asking where this painting can be viewed. It is presently at my home studio in Cary. Let me know if you would like to visit.

It is available for purchase, 24 x 30 in. watercolor on linen gallery wrapped canvas $980.00.

In Chapel Hill, I am showing a nice selection of my black and white paintings at the beautiful modern furniture showroom, Pallet & Parlor.

Two from my Alphabet series grace the walls of Palette & Parlor.

Palette & Parlor and Joe Rowand Fine Arts Services teamed up to stage the childhood home of legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor for the NC Modernist Houses. I was thrilled to be asked to lend a few paintings for the staging.

Amadeus I over the fireplace.

Lost Continents in the dining room.

The Open House on June the 4th was, as you can imagine, a sold out event!

So much so, that another one is planned on July 2nd. Another chance!

For more information and for a sneak peek check out the article below.

Well, that is all my news for now. Keep cool friends!



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