Tokapu: a new series dedicated to my aunt Victoria de la Jara, Peruvian archaeologist and epigrapher

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My aunt Victoria, or Tia Toti as she was affectionately called by the family, was a great inspiration to me in my childhood. She was an intellectual and very much a woman ahead of her time but she was also, very much my warm and loving aunt. It was not until adulthood that I realized what her work was all about and it's significance.

I will not lecture you on ancient Inca typography so i will leave this link with you from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

I recently felt inspired to paint these Tokapu paintings, incorporating at the hem of each canvas, the Tokapu symbols. The landscapes themselves are reminiscent of my brief childhood in Peru, before coming to the states. I was a dreamy child and remember watching the night sky and the moon from my bedroom window in Lima. Some of these images are also from trips my father would take us on, exploring Andean towns and villages.

These images or memories have been dormant for many years but somehow, they are insisting themselves on my recent work. And who am I to argue?

(to enlarge image, click on image)

So, I present to you the Tokapu series, half a dozen paintings in honor of my wonderful aunt.

For more information such as size and price please click here... Tokapu

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