Why do I paint what I paint ?

It's so funny and interesting to think about what inspires an artist to move in a certain direction. I have many artists friends and they each have their very own way to filter life, process whatever their experience and intimately express it all through their art. Some work from very deep and tactile emotion; the paint explodes and moves rapidly from one corner of the canvas to the next. There is no question that this painter has unleashed something onto the work without hesitancy or regret. Others are in a constant search and exploration of the medium and it's possibilities for expression. They are perfecting skills and challenging themselves while still taking all that into a final expression of themselves.

I am not sure I fit into either of these stories. I seem to be like a sponge; unknowingly taking in information (color, light, form), a certain mood, or vision until it becomes a part of me and only manifests onto the finished work.

Case in point : Watching the TV series, Life Below Zero.

Of course, I have always loved snow and winter landscapes but my palette did not really reflect it until, after watching a bunch of episodes. The work I started creating during that period (around February) started to look more and more like Alaska! I did not set out to do this at all. About 7 paintings were borne out of the frozen tundra this year. I have enjoyed this tremendously.

When I finally got Alaska out of my system, I went all cloud crazy (although, to be honest, clouds have been imposing themselves in my work as far back in 2004! ) .

The moon has also been a recurring theme I cannot seem to escape. It's always fascinated me. I remember as a child growing up in Peru; the moon looked enormous to me and I would lie on my back in the small walled garden and gaze in wonder.

The point I am trying to make is that none of it is premeditated. As I work, the opportunity for an image or theme presents itself. I have had times when I have fought it off.

No! This painting is not about this... it's about that!

But... I have learned that when I do that, the work suffers. So, I have learned to... surrender!

So far, this year has been about glacial landscapes, moonlit skies and monumental clouds.

And yet....as this long summer comes to a close, a new muse has been calling and this time it's not so much about subject or theme but more about medium and process. I want to explore transparency and depth. Using layers upon layers of colored glazes to evoke mystery, the beauty of the natural world (for no matter what, my work always reflects nature) and the wonder of color.

I finished the first piece of this series; In deep vague spaces.

It's a big guy, 48 x 48 in. and I wish you could see it live as it shimmers with hints of metallic paint and iridescent glazes.

I have posted the video below so you can appreciate the detail more.

There is another canvas of the same size waiting in the studio and I plan to create another piece of this kind. Gotta keep the muse happy!

It has been a great year so far. I am very grateful!

Coming up

I will have a small solo show at the very cool and sophisticated Raleigh shop The Art Of Style. Please come and join us for our First Friday Art Opening on September the 6th, 6 pm to 9 pm.

Here are some of the pieces you can see there this month.

I just received the happy news that Over there was juried into the Members Show at the VAE.

Both shows will run through September....so hurry!

Thanks again for all your patronage and support.

Yours gratefully,


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