Looking back & looking forward

As the year closed I was compelled to take stock and I was surprised to see that 2019 was a lot more productive that I remember. 19 new paintings!

I created this little video to showcase them. It's amazing how with the right program (Animoto), you can produce some pretty good video content on a shoestring budget! Enjoy!

It was a good year after all. To add to it, 12 pieces (from all years) found new homes. That always makes me happy. I am not the kind of artist who wants to hold on to each painting. I like to think that they can be sent out into the world, each one bringing a little more light and love into someone's life. That is what art has always done for me since childhood.

So it's no wonder that I have such lofty expectations for my work!

Here are the babies that have found new homes this year...

So what will 2020 bring?

On the calendar, I have a solo show in February at the beautiful North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh. A beautiful setting and the management and staff are wonderful people who love art and artists.

I am itching to go back to mixed media collage on wood board. I did quite a bit of them a few years ago with some success. This kind of work let's my imagination fly.

Whatever I end up doing this year, I am full of hope and excitement.

Here's to lot's of joyful surprises in 2020.

Let us be like children;

never fearing but always curious.

Thank you all for your continuous support of my art. Without you, we artists would be lost.

Sincerely Yours,

in paint and coffee,

Con Pappalardo

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